Monday, April 05, 2004

Blast from the past

Another catch up post:
* Ercim News posting in 2002 mentioned both Corese and Notio. Their API uses strings to define concepts, relations and attributes. Apparently, it's now available for download (via PlanetRDF). It uses Jena's ARP but has its own CG interface.
* Sleepycat for Java Released under the same licence as the C version.
* Platypus Wiki Again, using Jena and looks good.
* Not in RDF The difficulties of NOT in RDF. I think Kowari/TKS lacks NOT because it was initially hard to do in our implementation; there's now no reason not to do NOT.
* Fixing the Java Memory Model, Part 2 Includes double checked locking, changes to volatile and initialization safety.
* Blog-Bleary? Try (What Else?) a Blog on kinja. Another review.
* RSS Versions Syndic8 is reporting that RSS 1.0 is now 46.4% of all RSS feeds with RSS 2.0 and 0.91 (combined) taking up 49.9%. Will RSS 1.0 take the lead soon?
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