Saturday, April 10, 2004

Librarians and the Semantic Web

People at work think that I have a fetish for girls in glasses or something I think. But actually I think that librarians are going to be an important part of the Semantic Web. Oh and chicks in glasses are dead sexy...err...anyway a recent posting "thinking about the semantic web" links to a series of postings along these lines (librarians not glasses):
* Extreme! "I want people to leave understanding that the Semantic Web didn’t come out of nowhere, that there’s a good century (at least!) of work coming to terms with infoglut that Semantic Web technologies build on. I want them to start thinking critically about website information architecture, about information management in general, about metadata, about problems with (and hopes for!) search engines.",
* More on metadata "Well, I have news. Everything Cory says is true. But it doesn’t matter. Hear me? It doesn’t matter. Because all those arguments aren’t arguments against a Semantic Web—they’re arguments against a populist Semantic Web.", and
* Metadata and authority "This means, quite simply, that a lot of current Semantic Web pipe dreaming will founder on authority and representation-convention problems. Heck, it’s already foundering."

One day, when I categorize this blog there will definitely be a "librarians" section.
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