Friday, June 25, 2004

Kowari on

A First Look at the Kowari Triplestore "Kowari is a solid tool created by an enthusiastic, knowledgeable team. That said, it's not for everyone: the architecture of the application is clearly focused on the server, and developers looking for an embeddable RDF store for desktop apps will likely want to look elsewhere, unless they are willing to add several megs to their applications. Kowari's dependence on Java is another possible sticking point for those developing tools using other frameworks. Documentation is brief and unfinished, but what's there is useful for the adventurous."

Updated documentation is going to be released to coincide with 1.0.4. Hopefully, this should make it a little more accessible to most.

"According to Tom Adams, "Our triplestore is really a quad store, the 4th tuple being the group/model that a triple belongs to.""

Apparently, I made this quote but it doesn't matter.

Paul said, "a better name might be "platypus"" - that was already taken by a previous project.
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