Thursday, June 10, 2004

WinFS and RDF to Square Off?

Questions about Longhorn, part 2: WinFS and semantics "Today's personal information systems are organized hierarchically. WinFS proposes that they be organized semantically. A number of observers have noted a family resemblance between RDF (Resource Description Framework) "triples" and WinFS relationships. An RDF triple, in geek-speak, is a subject-predicate-object relation. Sets of RDF triples can be (and Semantic Web people say must be) used to represent and organize knowledge."

Where do you get Longhorn today? RDF and schemas for RDF are available now. Taking the both bottom up and top down schemas and deployed locally and globally. Last year I asked, Should the RDF model be integrated into the File System?, the answer still seems to be 'yes'.

Danny has a good summary of part 1 of this discussion.
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