Monday, June 28, 2004

Radar Networks Decloaks

Minding the Planet: From Semantic Web to Global Mind "As the global mind develops it will initially be focused around making information more useable. But that will be just the beginning. Already a new generation of tools that will bring the power of distributed intelligence to the desktop and the enterprise are being developed in labs such as HP, Cycorp and Network Inference. In addition to these projects, my company,Radar Networks has developed a complete platform in Java for developing and deploying Semantic Web applications for the desktop, enterprise and Web – most of our platform will be released as open-source code in 2005 as part of a research project we are working on for SRI (more news about this project in the future!). Following the initial open-source release, we plan to offer a commercial version of the Radar Platform as well as related applications, services, solutions and support for enterprises and developers."

"Of course for this to work lots of new infrastructure is required. There are also numerous issues that arise as soon as one digs deeper into the subject -- issues related to data synchronization, privacy and security, ontology integration, policies and many other subjects. My company, Radar Networks' software platform (to be released as LGPL in 2005) will provide an open-source framework that solves many of these problems and will enable the open community to collaborate to solve any that remain or are found in the future."

Danny beat me to it.
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