Monday, November 29, 2004

IBM boosts Oncology Ontology

IBM and Massachusetts General Hospital Announce Effort to Improve Information Sharing Among Cancer Researchers ""Effective tools for information management, integrated tightly with underlying computing and data infrastructures, are key to life sciences researchers gaining new insights into complex problems," said David Grossman, Distinguished Engineer, IBM Internet Technology Group. "In addition, the use of semantic web technologies to integrate many sources and formats of data with advanced modeling algorithms is particularly helpful for this type of large-scale collaborative project.""

""There is an urgent need to develop a common, unifying infrastructure that enables the integration and sharing of knowledge about cancer -- both in terms of disparate data and distinct computational tools -- with the goal of modeling cancer as a complex dynamic system," said Dr. Deisboeck. "While advances in cancer research and new technologies have generated a wealth of new data and insight, all too often the lack of shared systems and standards makes integration of this crucial knowledge difficult or impossible.""
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