Thursday, November 04, 2004

Mobile Semantic Web

A Mobile Web That Knows All About You "MyCampus consists of several task-specific agents that automatically capture contextual information. Each MyCampus user has a database, called a "Semantic eWallet," which is a repository for users' personal information, such as class schedules, list of friends and classmates, and lifestyle and event preferences. Location data is generated using Pango's WiFi access-point triangulation. All the data is marked with Semantic metadata so that MyCampus agents can make use of it. User's can set access privileges to allow certain people to know where they are at any given moment, or what their schedule for the upcoming week is."

It uses some projects I haven't heard of before OWL inference engine using XSLT and JESS and ROWL: Rule Language in OWL and Translation Engine for JESS.

Via Semantic Web on mobile devices
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