Sunday, December 19, 2004


W3C Delivers Web Architecture Overview ""In the architecture document, [TAG participants] emphasize what characteristics of the Web must be preserved when inventing new technology," said Tim Berners-Lee, the Web's creator who now serves as W3C director and co-chair of the TAG." They notice where the current systems don't work well, and, as a result, show weakness. This document is a pithy summary of the wisdom of the community.""

Some of the highlights:
* 2. Identification "Global naming leads to global network effects."
* 2.5. URI Opacity "Agents making use of URIs SHOULD NOT attempt to infer properties of the referenced resource."
* 4.6. Future Directions for Data Formats "Data formats enable the creation of new applications to make use of the information space infrastructure. The Semantic Web is one such application, built on top of RDF [RDFXML]. This document does not discuss the Semantic Web in detail; the TAG expects that future volumes of this document will. See the related TAG issue httpRange-14."
* 5.4. Protocol-based Interoperability "Protocols designed to be resilient in the face of widely varying environments have helped the Web scale and have facilitated communication across multiple trust boundaries. Traditional application programming interfaces (APIs) do not always take these constraints into account, nor should they be required to. One effect of protocol-based design is that the technology shared among agents often lasts longer than the agents themselves."
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