Friday, March 04, 2005

ODA not OOD or OP

Grady Booch and others have written Ontology Driven Architectures and Potential Uses of the Semantic Web in Software Engineering. Anything that begins with: "Throughout the history of computing..." must be good.

"Having raised the idea of using of the Semantic Web in Software Engineering, a commonly asked question arises, namely; how does one broadly characterise the Semantic Web in terms of Systems or Software' Engineering use?"

"As a 'classification', merely to group together related tools and techniques for modeling rigorous semantics during specification and design stages of the Software Lifecycle."

"As a 'mechanism' for strongly identifying, discovering and sharing artifacts amongst discrete subsystems, systems and systems' design teams both during design and at runtime"

This second use is very similar to Ontological Programming and Lisp (better is better and Ontology-Oriented Design and Programming). Where developers/customers/analysts/etc share and maintain ontologies and develop solutions against these ontologies.

"Given that The Semantic Web uses triple-based data representation and that this is merely a minimalisation of the representation employed in relational database technologies, the attraction of considering the Semantic Web as a specialised relational framework has been recognised for some time."
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