Thursday, March 03, 2005

REST vs the Rest

Web Resources and WS-Resources " Now I can still only really talk from the point of view of first impressions, but it seems to me that the WS-Resource approach seems generally more concrete than the resource abstraction of RDF. I think it likely that WS-Resource constructs could be modelled in RDF. However, the emphasis of WS-Resource is very much on the protocol, so this isn’t really comparing like with like."

"I can see how state can be managed using WS-Resources, but what I having discovered is why the assumption is made that because SOAP++ messaging is usually done statelessly, it has to be that way. State can (and often is) maintained at both client and server sides of communications. If state that is global across client and server is needed then that can be maintained using one of the many reliable messaging protocols possible on top of HTTP."
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