Saturday, March 12, 2005

Promising Project

A scalable environment for the Semantic Web "Taking a bottom-up approach to the development of the Semantic Web, a scalable and modular Knowledge Management system has been successfully validated on two university websites.

Created by the IST program funded project MOSES, which ends this month, it enhances the possibilities for ‘knowledge mining’ by providing users with a natural-language query interface that offers direct responses to specific questions. Most significantly, the MOSES system creates a modular and scalable environment allowing content to be automatically updated, while interlinking ontologies from different academic websites in different languages.

“The biggest achievement I think was being able to combine different ontologies from different websites into a single application,” explains project coordinator Alfredo Ricchi at Finsa Consulting in Italy. “The system has had some encouraging results.”"

Mentioned as part of Grid Start.

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