Tuesday, December 13, 2005

DRY and Embedded Program Code

What if you could define a user interface and surf it via a telephone or browser and that the data and state from one to the other was able to be shared across multiple users?

Beyond interactive voice response "English’s hope, he tells Inskeep in the interview, is that companies will admit how infuriating their systems often are...the practice of automatically collecting customers’ account numbers, and then making those customers repeat the numbers to an agent when they finally connect to one -- my top IVR gripe"

"Voice calls must be able to recruit data channels, and vice versa. That way, an agent could attach an IM session to your voice call and push you the URL in real-time chat. It might even be appropriate to extend the data session with screen sharing, so the agent can watch and assist. If things still don’t work out and the whole matter must be referred to someone else, you’d like to be able to initiate voice or data communication -- or both -- in a context-preserving way."

Via, Rethinking customer service. This points to XBL2 and an effort to provide "...a declarative format for applications and user interfaces...based on an existing application/UI format, such as Mozilla's XUL, Microsoft's XAML, Macromedia's MXML or Laszlo Systems' LZX..."
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