Tuesday, December 13, 2005

A Really Interactive Query Language

SQLBuilder "SQLBuilder uses clever overriding of operators to make Python expressions build SQL expressions -- so long as you start with a Magic Object that knows how to fake it."

An example:
>>> from SQLBuilder import *
>>> person = table.person
# person is now equivalent to the Person.q object from the SQLObject
# documentation
>>> person
>>> person.first_name
>>> person.first_name == 'John'
person.first_name = 'John'

Via, SQL API "I'd rather SQLObject be built on some ORM-neutral layer, where you can move down to that layer when SQLObject doesn't fit your problem; as opposed to now, where you kind of have to work around SQLObject."

This is almost exactly like something I was thinking about, to prevent semantically incorrect SQL queries. Add an AJAX interface on this and it would be cool and useful.
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