Wednesday, February 12, 2003

Relational is all you need

Database pioneers ponder future ""But Chris Date, an associate of Codd and author of the book An Introduction to Database Systems, cautioned panelists not to count out relational technology.

"I would just like to interject a note of caution: Anybody that is starting to think about these new models must understand the relational model thoroughly. First, it may turn out that we already have the model that we need," Date said."

""The mantra of the day is Web services, and I'd like to put in a highly cautionary note [about] Web services taking over the world," Stonebraker said. He added that issues such as semantics over records will hinder Web services. For example, a salary record in one enterprise may be defined differently at another, he said.

"These sort of semantic issues are going to plague Web services the minute you get beyond things like e-mail, which are just text-based services," Stonebraker said."
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