Wednesday, February 26, 2003

Semantic Publishing

An Easy Semantic Web The 4 principles from exisitng Semantic Web applications:
* Guarantee the independence of the content creator.
* Let the content creator choose the license.
* Freely importable ontologies in your publishing system.
* Let machines communicate without human intervention.

A great quote: "Everyone agrees that a content writer is not necessarily a librarian who possesses the knowledge to classify his work, and it is true that most of the time, the metadata provided in webpages are relatively poor because they have not been established according to a systematic, shared method."

JemBlog is blogging software based on Jena. Danny Ayers explains, "The idea is to build the skeleton of a server-side blogging system along the lines of the core of Movable Type etc. The difference being that the model used behind the scenes is RDF, so true semantic blogging is possible." I was considering a similar thing with SnipSnap. SnipSnap mentions RDF and DAML+OIL as well as the possibly RDF based IM Expert Search.
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