Tuesday, January 13, 2004

Active Internet

A collection of articles about how computers and the Internet are turning people into content producers not just consumers:
* Weblogs, RSS and the Rise of the Active Web - "...we show how blogging – originally a cross between self-expression and journalism – and its tools have morphed to give users some of the power promised by the so-called Semantic Web...they can construct personal news or commerce portals for themselves or for third parties, track multi-person blog conversations across the Web, or figure out other ways to control their digital environment that we have not thought of yet."
* The New Economy Hack: Turning Consumers into Producers - "That industry lately has become vigilant about threats from its customers, which it still thinks of as consumers. Instead it should be watching how Apple transforms those consumers into producers."
* Democratizing the Media, and More - "Smarter folks will understand the enormous opportunity it represents. They can start listening, really listening, to what people are saying. And they can dip into the vast pool of creative talent that exists outside the usual channels."

I finally have an excuse to link to Bush In 30 Seconds. My favourites were: In My Country, What are we teaching our children?, Imagine, Human Cost of War and Bush's Repair Shop. I still think the quality, even in the top 14, was spotty but that's where you need good annotation and recommendation software.
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