Friday, January 30, 2004

Datacentric Web - Microcontent de ja vu?

The Data Centric Web "This shift in focus from documents to data and from humans to computers is simple and yet profound. Just imagine a world in which every piece of data is immediately and automatically accessible from any computer via the web using a simple, universal set of protocols and formats. Indeed, such a vision has long represented the ?holy grail? of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) and yet attempts to realize this vision have been woefully inadequate to date."

Very similar to an older article about the microcontent client and of course very similar to the Semantic Web too.

Introducing the Microcontent Client
"The microcontent client is an extensible desktop application based around standard Internet protocols that leverages existing web technologies to find, navigate, collect, and author chunks of content for consumption by either the microcontent browser or a standard web browser. The primary advantage of the microcontent client over existing Internet technologies is that it will enable the sharing of meme-sized chunks of information using a consistent set of navigation, user interface, storage, and networking technologies. In short, a better user interface for task-based activities, and a more powerful system for reading, searching, annotating, reviewing, and other information-based activities on the Internet."
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