Wednesday, January 07, 2004

George W. vs Hitler

George Bush & Adolf Hitler "The internet is littered with pictures of George Bush with a swastika on his chest, a drawn-on mustache, and his arm raised in the Nazi salute. It is therefore no surprise that someone would choose this theme for their video. But why? Has George Bush done anything to justify the comparison? Consider these points:

* Hitler slaughtered six million. George Bush only killed nine thousand or so in Iraq and many fewer in Afghanistan. Hardly a fair comparison.
* Hitler rounded up and killed homosexuals. George Bush only denies them the right to marry. Again, no comparison.
* Hitler rounded up and killed those with physical or mental infirmities. George Bush only cut their medical benefits. No comparison.
* Hitler invaded his neighbors and overthrew their governments. George Bush only invaded and overthrew the governments of two countries, and they were not neighbors. No comparison.
* Adolph Hitler believed in a "master race." George Bush believes in a master religion. No comparison.
* Adolph Hitler was an eloquent and persuasive madman. George Bush is neither eloquent nor persuasive. No comparison
* Adolph Hitler's government was in tight control of its citizens. George Bush has only limited our right to privacy, free speech, and access to lawyers.
* Adolph Hitler demonized Jews. George Bush only demonized Osama bin Laden and Saddam Hussein (with the leaders of Syria, Iran, and North Korea held in abeyance). No comparison.

Obviously, George Bush is no Adolf Hitler. To make sure those videos are never seen, we suggest that he confiscate them and start arresting people. This kind of outrage should not be allowed in a free society."
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