Tuesday, April 04, 2006

DDD (Dog Driven Design)

From, "On the Edge": "Miner was an interesting sight at the Cyan labs. People who saw him in the halls often had to take a second look because a tiny black shadow seemed to follow his every move. The shadow was actually a little black Cockapoo named Mitchy that followed Miner everywhere."

"The dog became a fixture at Atari. Miner had a brass nameplate on his door that read, ‘J.G. Miner’, and just below it was a smaller nameplate, ‘Mitchy’. Mitchy even had her own tiny photo-ID badge clipped to her collar as she happily trotted through the halls. While Miner worked on his groundbreaking systems, Mitchy sat on a couch watching with puzzlement as her master slaved over diagrams and schematics."

"...Mitchy did most of the design on the system; much more than Jay did...Jay would draw gates, and he would look down at Mitchy and Mitchy would shake her head. Jay would erase it and draw it upside down, and try it a different way and look down and Mitchy would pant. He did design by dog."
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