Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Until Now

  • It's like, how much more black could this be? And the answer is none. None more black.

  • Managers smell funny or the meaninglessness of managers as class names.

  • Twin Prime Conjecture film clip.

  • Live Clipboard - Metadata Quality, Events Databases and Live Clipboard "This is the big problem with data mapping. In Jon's example, the location is called Colonial Theater in Upcoming and Colonial Theater (New Hampshire) in Eventful. In Eventful it has a street address while in Upcoming only the street name is provided. Little differences like these are what makes data mapping a hard problem. Jon's solution is for the community to come up with global identifiers for venues as tags (e.g. Colonial_Theater_NH_03431) instead of waiting for technologists to come up with a solution."

  • Exploring Live Clipboard "Like David Janes, Danny Ayers prefers URIs. Of the five listed above, the Wikipedia URL would clearly be Danny's first choice. "If there are fairly solid reference services like Wikipedia or IMDB," he writes, "then use their URIs." I'll go along with that, so long as the URIs are easy for people to invent, to read, and to write. And so long as they can function as tags in social classification systems -- which for now, it seems, they cannot. "

  • It's people committing piracy vs corporate piracy, in "Who Owns Culture?". Lawrence Lessig taking many of the themes from the book "Free Culture".

  • SPARQL now a W3C Recommendation, Sparql Calendar Demo and SPARQL2SQL Rewriter "There are rewriter-specific limitations as well, e.g. multiple/nested UNIONs, combined expressions, some of the built-ins (e.g. lang, langMatches), custom functions, and several other things are not supported yet."
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