Thursday, April 06, 2006

Kicking Native OSX Games in the Happy Sack

Boot Camp Public Beta As Apple now says, "Macs do Windows, too". The download page says this is a feature coming in Leopard. Boot Camp Beta: Requirements, installation, and frequently asked questions (FAQ) "Even after installling the Macintosh Drivers CD, the Apple Remote Control (IR), Apple Wireless (Bluetooth) keyboard or mouse, Apple USB Modem, MacBook Pro's sudden motion sensor, MacBook Pro's ambient light sensor, and built-in iSight camera will not function correctly when running Windows."

For some reason I haven't been able to bring myself to install it.

I found this a good summary of the issues with dual booting: "We've found that dual-boot scenarios tend to leave users spending the bulk of their time booted into one of the two OSes—typically the one that hosts the most narrowly compatible software (that is, many Windows applications).

Virtualization or terminal services work much better for enabling, for instance, a Mac OS X or Linux user to run Windows-only software.

When users lack full access to files on either operating system's partition, as is the case with Boot Camp, users will find it that much tougher for the OSes to coexist.

We'd love to see VMware cook up a version of its VMware Player for the Mac. "

Update: Easy DOS It "So Apple will at least offer the option for users to run a virtualized version of Windows Vista atop OS X, which brings with it two HUGE advantages. First, the bad guys and script kiddies will have to get through OS X security before they even have a chance at cracking Vista security. Second, by running a virtual version of Windows Vista loaded from a read-only partition, Microsoft's recommended method of dealing with malware (periodically wipe the OS and application from your disk and load them anew) can be done in seconds instead of hours and can be done daily instead of monthly or quarterly or yearly."
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