Wednesday, July 30, 2003


The Future of Human Knowledge: The Semantic Web "For some, the move to a smarter Web is taking far too long. "The Semantic Web might be a cure for our e-commerce ills, but for many businesses, waiting around for it isn't an option...Some e-commerce companies -- impatient at the progress of the Semantic Web project -- are looking into other stop-gap technologies to meet their needs today."

Which Web? "Berners-Lee's latest claim seems to forget that a huge group of people finds the Traditional Web more than adequate for their needs. Some of those folks even do Web Services-like things with REST-based approaches that more closely follow the patterns laid down by the traditional Web. Some of them use XML (and even at times RDF) to exchange semantically-rich information between computers without needing the full power of the Semantic Web. The Traditional Web may be no good to the W3C's director or its members any longer, but it's still good for a lot of us."
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