Sunday, September 07, 2003

Querying RDF

A TALES syntax for RDF "It is becoming increasingly important to have the ability to link documents along more dimensions than just hyperlinks and to specify partial metadata. The standard model for this is the W3C's RDF. Using RDF, a cross-planet, distributed relational system can be set up, relating resources by predicates...We feel that TALES provides a system for a concise, yet explainatory format for RDF queries. With the current plans for an RDF layer in Plone, it is felt that developing a good syntax for this tool to use in formulating its queries would be beneficial."

Pondering RDF Path "Most RDF Path proposals to date are sketchy, and do not provide clear equivalents of the facilities in XPath, or do not account for the fact that selections of a resource occuring as a node and an arc causes problems."

RDF-Rules mailing list.
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