Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Spinning the iLife

Berners-Lee: Web inventor endorses Safari "During a lecture last night at the Royal Society in London, Tim Berners-Lee revealed that he invented the World Wide Web using a NeXT computer. He presented his lecture using Apple's OS X Web browser Safari on a PowerBook. He also referenced the Web's potential by talking about the possibilities of iCal, Apple's calendar program.

Berners-Lee was discussing one of the Web's many futures, in what he calls the Semantic Web. Devised by himself, this is due to become the next big thing, he told the audience. It will enhance the supply and exchange of information and data for the benefit of the Web user. "

Berners-Lee Talks Up Semantic Web "What if the World Wide Web were one giant database, linking both human readable documents and machine readable data in a way useful to both mankind and machine?"

"By implementing products based on RDF as an EAI "hub," companies can link together documents, and data stored in disparate databases, and pull related concepts together when analyzing the information. That sort of thing can be done with XML Web services today, but it can be a laborious task, Berners-Lee explained."
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