Saturday, November 22, 2003

Pluggable Data Types

Curiosity Killed the Cat "This argument cements my suspicions that the using RDF and Semantic Web technologies are a losing proposition when compared to using XML-centric technologies for information interchange on the World Wide Web. It is quite telling that none of the participants who tried to counter my arguments gave a cogent response besides "use an xsd library" when in fact anyone with a passing knowledge of XSD would inform them that XSD only supports ISO 8601 dates and would barf on RFC 822 if asked to treat them as dates. In fact, this is a common complaint about them from our customers w.r.t internationalization [that and the fact decimals use a period as a delimiter instead of a comma for fractional digits]. "

One of the things on the Kowari Roadmap (I wish I could point to the real one) is pluggable data type handling. The basic idea is that you can describe the data handler and have data type processors register themselves with Kowari. Much like RelaxNG's.
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