Thursday, November 06, 2003

Sabre use MySQL and Linux

Sabre Holdings Air Shopping Products Leverage MySQL Database "Sabre Holdings has migrated its Air Shopping products from a mainframe platform to a combination of HP NonStop servers and a cluster of 45 HP rx5670 servers with MySQL running on the 64-bit Intel Itanium 2 processor with the Linux operating system. Over 100 MySQL database tables are replicated on a 7 X 24 basis through GoldenGate's data synchronization software. The total amount of data held in the clustered MySQL databases is approximately 75 gigabytes.

"We benchmarked our application on several databases, including open source, commercial and a specialized in-memory relational database, and MySQL was the best performing database,” said Alan Walker, vice president of Sabre Labs."

via They use MySQL? Yes. I told you so...
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