Sunday, November 09, 2003

Reiterate, Reiterate, Reiterate

Shirky's Men of Straw and Comments: Shirky misses both say pretty much the same things I did.

Shirky on the Semantic Web:
"Shirky nonetheless bases his argument on a central fallacy: the Semantic Web as monolith, as a "thing" to be supported or opposed."
Deconstructing The Syllogistic Shirky:
"There never was a suggestion that all metadata work cease and desist as we sit down on some mountaintop somewhere and fully derive the model before allowing the world to proceed."
"Sure, there is certainly a segment of the semantic web community who think we'll be able to do the "strong semantic web", which can somehow make inferences without much human work in the metadata space, but the bulk of the folks I've talked to about it are well aware of the difficulty of that kind of problem - and they are much more focused on, as Ken Macleod puts it, the "relational model of RDF and its ability to integrate decentralized data models"."
Most of these can be linked from either Syllogism or Semantic Examinations.

Other links (most positive towards the article): Clay Shirky smacks syllogism around. (Metafilter), Semantic web systemantics, Clay Cements the Semantic, Shirky: The Semantic Web, Syllogism and Worldview, Shirky on SemWeb and Pass It Around.

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