Sunday, September 22, 2002

Demo Application

In answer to "What would you do with RSS? I'd say integrate, store everything as RDF and make it peer-to-peer. I hope that the Google future is not one that's so centralised. If you combined Limewire, NetNewsWire interface and restricted versions of TKS and TMex you'd have a fairly neat application. Or maybe a Universal Inbox is a better idea (with calendar sharing and file browsing). There already are plenty of implementations of email integration. The Gnutella network turns everyone into a web server/client which could make it a distributed daypop. I think the only difference between smaller, enterprise, central deployments and the large Internet one is the enabled tools. The cheap or free client would have a hard coded set of tools. You don't want people downloading a frontend that is effectively an application server. A smaller version handling RSS, RDF, Gnutella and HTML should be enough. Something like this combined search. You could add a lite concept extraction tool and store all the files metadata into TKS (would speed up Limewire just as it is). Just use the query interface across Gnutella, calendars, RSS feeds, HTML/XML/Web, mail (SMTP, IMAP, POP) and local hard drives.
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