Friday, September 13, 2002

IBM Pressures Open Source Java

"In my book, a technology that has not received the imprimatur of an independent standards setting consortia like the W3C or ISO--especially a technology that's not royalty-free--is no more a standard than other technologies where prevalence gets confused with the term "standard" and royalties are charged for deployment (i.e.: Intel's x86 instruction set or Microsoft's Windows)."

"Why was Sutor so adamant about the all-encompassing nature of this neutral body? What he said next made it clear: "If Java was an open standard, technologies like [Microsoft's] C# and the technologies it works with [like .Net] might not exist today."

"Along those lines, Gingell says Sun intends to open-source Java, but that it's not a simple process because Sun doesn't own all the intellectual property in all the JSRs. For the same reasons it can't open source all of Solaris, Sun apparently can't legally open source all of Java either. The company is working on clearing the legal hurdles cleared."

ZDNet article
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