Thursday, September 12, 2002

P2P and Java

" And P2P is going mainstream too, as manufacturers begin to use it for on-line data storage and distributed, or grid, computing. So far, Kazaa and Gnutella account for 90 per cent of all P2P traffic, but soon business applications will start swapping data files instead of MP3s — already, chip giant Intel Corp. uses P2P technology internally on its intranet, and claims to be saving millions of dollars with this tool by pooling the processing power of idle desktops and servers."

P2P applications are bandwidth hogs.

"The world produces between one and two exabytes of unique information per year, which is roughly 250 megabytes for every man, woman, and child on earth...This democratization of data is quite remarkable. A century ago the average person could create and access only a small amount of information. Now, ordinary people not only have access to huge amounts of data, but are also able to create gigabytes of data themselves and, potentially, publish it to the world via the Internet, if they choose to do so." Time to get started with JXTA.
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