Friday, September 06, 2002

Tiredly Linking

Ray Ozzie says we need a rich client and Swing ML are looking for help. I evaluated it during my XWT follies - I thought it wasn't quite as good as XWT but then in the end XWT sucked.

"Storyspace links connect specific sections of text, images, or entire writing spaces. Link adapt instantly whenever you move or edit a writing space. Storyspace links are never broken." This one isn't just for the Mac. The main page includes use cases in film criticism, replacing a database with it and documenting government processes.

NLA's digitises documents on demand from their collection. I've never seen a collection described in kilometers before. "As far as we know, we are the only archives that allow the public to choose which records will be digitised, and we provide this service at no cost. Even though there has been little publicity the demand was instantaneous and it has shown no sign of abating. "

"The service is currently free. Our view is why should someone have to pay for a digital copy that is then loaded onto our Web site for the entire world to see for free? Furthermore, the service we are now providing is intended to promote equal opportunity for those researchers who cannot visit our reading rooms, where they could access the records at no charge. We could introduce a fee in return for a fast tracking service, but we believe that this would only create a disparate level of service whereby those who can pay receive one standard of service, and those who cannot pay receive a lesser standard."

While this isn't a brilliant article I thought this was interesting:
"A company called Collexis, based in the Netherlands, uses a system not dependent on keyword searching, but on concept searching. Barend Mons, co-owner of Collexis and assistant professor, University of Rotterdam, says Collexis uses concept numbers to find information." Collexis has Elsvier Science as one of its customers.
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