Sunday, April 20, 2003

Business Processes and App Servers

Could application servers be overkill? "I asked O'Toole if he expected Cape Clear's customers to proceed blindly with developing Web services that are devoid of any notion of orchestration or transactional state. O'Toole claimed that complicated protocols like the Business Process Execution Language for Web services (BPEL4WS) or the Web services Choreography Interface (WSCI) are extra baggage and that any functionality that those specifications are designed to handle is easily covered by something found in virtually every system: JavaScript (also known as ECMAScript)."

The most recent column is a little more troubling as far as the W3C is concerned:
"...when the idea of IBM and Microsoft working together was ludicrous, the W3C was offered some measure of protection that if either company attempted a power play, the other would provide the necessary countermeasures to thwart it. But now, with the two working together, the W3C is about to get steamrolled (at least when it comes to Web services). Unless, of course, it decides to defend itself."
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