Monday, April 28, 2003


Building a Metadata-Based Website "The online world has been flooded in recent years with talk of metadata, structured authoring, cascading style sheets (CSS). These ideas have at their core the idea of standardizing document creation by separating content from display. Additionally, the idea of a semantic web, consisting of ontologies and controlled vocabularies is gaining momentum. These ideas are about representing knowledge so that machine agents can understand them. At the confluence of these two broad categories of activity, new models of websites are emerging that can be as easily navigable by humans as maintained by rigorous processes."

The four steps of the process are:
1. Centralize the core concepts in a taxonomy.
2. Develop core relationship types between the core concepts.
3. Associate content to the concepts.
4. Make the website use the Ontology's concepts and relationships for navigation.

This is fairly impressive stuff. They even present Delphi as a collaborative way to create a taxonomy.
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