Tuesday, August 13, 2002

Groove Debate

I think this is just fantastic. Ray Ozzie and Dan Gillmor duking it out over Groove and Windows. Personally, I wasn't that impressed that it was seemingly tied to Windows and to Outlook when I saw it ealier this year.

Dan says:
"Groove, is becoming almost part of Windows -- and will be, at best, an afterthought (my interpretation, not Ray's) on other platforms. There's a disconnect here, I believe"

"Many of Groove's customers like the control-freak stuff. Corporations want to lock down their PCs in some ways, and Microsoft will be helpful to them in this effort. It may also be simpler, and more cost effective for Groove as a company, to turn the product into nothing more than an admittedly dynamite feature of Windows. It's not, I believe, in the ultimate interest of Groove's users -- not all of them, at any rate."
Dan's Column

"I can tell you that I will do what it takes to ensure that Groove has a chance to have a very broad, ubiquitous impact, that there are many potential users and customers out there with varying platform and feature needs, that I'm very pragmatic in achieving desired outcomes, and that the only "grand plan" is to create something of substantive value for customers."


Of course, Ray has fueled the idea of further Groove and Windows/Office integration and Dan is reacting to Microsoft's Paladium plan. Ozzie giveth and Bill taketh away.
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