Friday, October 24, 2003

Amazon Search Goes Live

" unveiled a massive new search engine Thursday called "Search Inside the Book", containing 33 million pages of a collection of 120,000 books."

"It's an eerie ability, sort of an extension of the omniscient feeling one gets when digging around in google or the Internet Archive. It extends easy search capabilities to printed material, which fights the old addage about grepping dead treees. Of course, you're limited to a subset of Amazon's catalog (and not every book ever printed), but it's still an insanely useful feature.

With Amazon's web services initiative, it could lead to all sorts of interesting implications. Imagine if your local library had the ability to search the entire contents of its store of books, quickly and free of charge, and not only told you instantly which books were relevant, but offered to deliver them to your door for a reasonable fee. Good heavens."

Wired has a piece too called, The Great Library of Amazonia.
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