Sunday, October 26, 2003

Kowari Developer Beta Release

At long last it's now available:

Kowari Developer Beta Release.

Features included:
* A transactional triple store capable of store many millions of triples,
* iTQL - A Squish based query language that allows subqueries, operands for data-types (greater than, less than, etc),
* Web based and command line iTQL interpreter,
* Descriptors - A combination of XSLT and iTQL that can be used to generate renderings of RDF data (comes with a v-card example),
* Lucene integration - full text insertion and querying,
* Views - allows the combination of multiple models,
* Jena 2.0 support - currently only through the use of ARP, and
* Written in Java - 1.4.0 and above required.

Proposed future features include:
* Improved ARP integration (non-memory bound using disk based string pool).
* Move distributed queries to server - use server join code.
* Streaming end to end (mainly Driver work).
* Jena 2 Support: "store" and "model" integration, support of OWL at query time, and full support of Joseki and RDQL.
* Pluggable data types.
* Pluggable security.
* Pluggable data handlers: EXIF extraction, MP3 extraction, and XML RSS extraction.
* Streaming Descriptors.
* Back-end refactoring (Windows, OS X, 64-bit Unix).
* Small embeddable version - Jena lite plus Kowari lite (should be less than 5MB).
* J2EE Connector and MBean support.
* Non-RMI version of streaming of queries.
* Support all OWL entailments of models at the query layer.
* 64-bit testing and loading of large data sets (~150 million) including
improving bulk loading support and 6 index support.
* Better iTQL command line processor.
* Review joins.
* Review subqueries vs ontologies.
* Upgrade of Lucene support.
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