Friday, October 24, 2003

The End of the AI Winter?

Commercializing the Semantic Web "For reasons I don't entirely understand, the term "Semantic Web" tanks with corporate clients, with venture capitalists, and in other non-academic contexts. This may yet be a hangover from the AI Winter, but the interesting difference is that, as I discuss below, the reaction is mostly to the label and to its perceived implications, rather than to the technology itself. "Web Services" does much better, and one of the things Network Inference seems to have done, at least at the marketing level, is to hitch its semantic wagon to the web services star. (This is a move I suggested, though more in the research than marketing context, in an article last summer, "The True Meaning of Service".)

Given the problems with the various application spaces, Network Inference has apparently been working to define a new application space, one which the Gartner Group has coined as "semantic oriented business applications". That doesn't raise the hackles that "Semantic Web" raises; it's different than EAI, and it's nicely distinguished from "Web Services"."

Network Inference made news recently when they announced "...a strategic partnership with Rightscom, the digital strategy consultancy, and ioko, an enterprise technology services specialist." at the ISWC 2003.
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