Wednesday, August 11, 2004

Bert and Ernie Teach the Semantic Web

Ernie Puts Away His Toys "Bert: "Look at this mess! Ernie, don't you think it's time to put all these toys away?"

Ernie: (looks up from the fire engine) "Well yes, but I didn't get all the toys out."

Ernie: "Wellllll, how about I put most of the toys away?"

Bert: "Fine. You put most of the toys away, and I'll pick up the rest." (leaves)"

"Bert: "Ernie--ERNIE! I thought you told me you were going to put most of the toys away!"

Ernie: "I am, Bert. I'm putting away all the fire engines,--"

Bert: "Yeah?"

Ernie: "--all the big toys,--"

Bert: "Yeah?"

Ernie: "--all the red toys,--"

Bert: "Ye--" (he suddenly realizes)

Ernie: "--all the toys with wheels, and all the toys with ladders. Yessir, I'm really putting away the toys."

(Ernie marches off, leaving Bert groaning amidst the huge pile of toys still left.)"

Actually, it's more like classification and ontologies...
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