Tuesday, August 24, 2004

Java + SW = Jena

How Big Is Your Store? "The repository will end up holding metadata about more than 16 million articles (plus their associated authors, affiliations, publications, etc) and as you'd imagine thats going to end up exploding into a large number of triples."

"I'd be interested to hear about how big a store people have worked with, including which APIs, etc they've been using.

To give a bit more context, as we're mainly a Java shop I've begun by considering any store that can be plugged into Jena. So the Jena persistence model support would be my baseline, with Kowari being another candidate. I see that RDFStore may be adding Jena support so we may explore that too."

16 million triples shouldn't be a problem for many stores.

I find that Jena does impose some limitations on scalability in that it tends to want to use in memory Models for a lot of things. It also tends to over use iterators. It's also a terribly complicated thing for something, RDF, that is quite simple.

I've been recently thinking that JRDF, Sesame's RIO, Kowari store and SOFA for OWL inferencing would make a small, scalable solution (around 5MB). Is anyone interested in that though?
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