Sunday, August 29, 2004

Blogging on RDF

Some recent blogs on RDF:
* Template Languages "There's been some discussion lately about how to improve XUL templates...Some proposals include using an SQL-like language which generates results. This is suitable for database-backed data, and a query language for RDF is being developed."
* HyperRDF: Using XHTML Authoring Tools with XSLT to produce RDF Schemas "XML syntax is a little tedious, but lots of people are evidently willing and able of editing it by hand. RDF adds another layer of tedium, but there are still a few folks willing to write it by hand. I make heavy use of reification/quoting in my representation of logical formulas in RDF. This adds another layer of tedium that I find unmanageable..."
* GUMP + RDF "Ok, so I used RDFLIB to allow Gump to generate some RDF"
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