Friday, August 06, 2004

What's in Kowari 1.0.5?

The tracker page has been updated for the features targets for Kowari 1.0.5.

Already completed:
* N3 parsing and output,
* Pre-fetching and configuration to answer pages (improved RMI support),
* Improved sub query performance,
* Add cache to the globalizing of local nodes (improved result speed),
* Support for a LocalSession if RMI is not enabled, and
* Client/Server JRDF implementation.

Currently being worked on:
* NOT Support,
* KModel Itegration (client/server Jena),
* Cardinality Constraints,
* JRDF 0.3 support,
* A New String Pool, and
* Jena Fastpath Support.

This is scheduled for late August. If all goes well there should be a new CVS update late next week with the currently finished features and NOT; with possibly the new string pool, cadinality and KModel integration.
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