Thursday, October 07, 2004

Medical Metadata

ADL (Archetype Definition Language) is a developing standard that is part of the Open Electronic Health Records site. A screenshot of the archetype editor shows a familiar ontology editor interface.

This looks like it is being converted to OWL by the Mayo Clinic and the University of Manchester.

RE: OWL vs. ADL "We at Mayo are working with OpenEHR to produce a set of Java methods to create Archetypes which can be represented in OWL. These Archetypes are output in the abstract syntax which is loaded into memory as Java objects which are exposed for your use. Then we have a set of routines to output these objects as OWL:rdf, which is the exchange syntax for the semantic web. This output of Archetypes will be linked to higher level models such as the CDA and a terminology model (expressed as an archetype)."

See the previous message in this thread as well.

A paper explaining what archetypes are is available here. From the paper, "In this approach [interoperable knowledge methodology], the single, hard-coded software model has become a small reference object model (ROM), while domain concepts are expressed in a separete formalism and maintained in a concept library. Accordingly, software development can proceed separately from domain modelling.

Since the software is an implementation of the ROM, it has no direct dependency on domain concepts; i.e., if new concept models are introduced, the system does not need to be altered."

Seems similar to ontology based programming or meta-programming.
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