Thursday, October 28, 2004

The U in URI

A couple of interesting postings which seems to have a common theme:
* First in a series of five postings on the "W3C Semantic Web in Life Sciences Workshop", TBL Keynote at W3C Semantic Web in Life Sciences Workshop "True to form, Sir Tim ensured that everyone present understood that they should all use URIs for everything. I wonder what his sock drawer looks like. His example was to define a URI for a concept like "colour"...Tim was asked where to find a browser for the Semantic Web (again). The difference this year is that there is starting to be a good answer to that question. Have a look at (Longwell) and (Haystack). He also pointed to ( Ontaria, which is more of a directory than a browser..."
* Tim Berners-Lee on the Failure of URIs as Identifiers in RDF, Faulty URIs, Identifiers: Uniform Resource Identifier (URI).
* Learn About Haystack: The Universal Information Client
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