Tuesday, September 28, 2004

Gnowsis Alpha

Available for Download I had to prioritize downloading it or blogging it...

Installing and running it was pretty painless (just running a shell script) and I'm already going through my MP3s - it evens executes iTunes. It's good to see these ideas implemented.

Feature list :
Server Features
* Local RDF Database (Jena Model based)
* Data integration Hub. integrates different Data sources.
* Filesystem adapter
* MP3-ID3 tag adapter (using MP3 Library by Jens Vonderheide)
* Microsoft Outlook adapter
* Mozilla Thunderbird email adapter
* Mozilla Firefox bookmarks adapter
* Java Client API
* full text indexing (using Apache Lucene)
* local webserver for experiments (using Jetty)

Browser Features
* Browse the local Semantic Desktop
* shows related information for any resource
* Manage your projects using ordinary File Folders
* full text search
* Link anything with drag-drop
* annotate photos and persons

Check out the planned features too.
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