Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Trans and Walk in the DAWG

"In order to traverse class/property hierarchies defined in a schema, RQL provides functions such as subClassOf (for transitive subclasses) and subClassOf^ (for direct subclasses). For example, we can issue the queries: subClassOf(Artist) and subClassOf^(Artist) to find all transitive (direct) subclasses of class Artist. Similarly, functions superClassOf and superClassOf^ return transitive (direct) superclasses.

Similar functions exist for schema properties (i.e., subPropertyOf and subPropertyOf^). For example, we can ask for all transitive (direct) subproperties of creates: subPropertyOf(creates) and subPropertyOf^(creates)."

"That's what I had in mind for 4.6 as originally proposed."

I hope I'm correct in characterizing this as the functionality we currently provide in iTQL with trans and walk. Swapping the first parameter's values around swaps between super and sub class. I'd also like to add a limiting factor for recursing called depth.
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