Wednesday, September 08, 2004


Dyson's Meta-Mail: merging email with business processes "The point of this example is that a business process is being conducted via email. Each message is a step within our ad-hoc "renew a support contract" process."

While the idea of business process via email doesn't seem novel to me. Something that people have been doing with applications like Exchange for quite a long time. I did notice a link to Roundup. Whose data model (hyperdatabase) sounds a lot like RDF:
"For our application, we store each item as a item in a hyperdatabase. The item's properties are stored as key-value pairs on its item. Several types of properties are allowed: string, number, boolean, date, interval, *link, and multlink...The link type denotes a single selection from a number of options. A link property entails a link from the item possessing the property to the item representing the chosen option.

The multilink type is for a list of links to any number of other items in the in the database. A multilink property, for example, can be used to refer to related items or topic categories relevant to an item."
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