Wednesday, September 22, 2004

IBM and its Semantic Web Technologies

Introduction to semantics technology "New semantic information-management schemes enable companies to make better use of their information. What exactly is semantics? And how can semantics technology help your development efforts?"

"Semantics technologies are important in a variety of industries such as life sciences, in which biomedical text plays a fundamental role in knowledge discovery. It can also be applied to numerous solutions, for example autonomic computing, where data correlation and inference technologies can be used as core components for building autonomic computing systems and to perform automated and continuous analysis that can result in actions that protect and heal a system."

"...State-of-the-art ontology management systems either are memory-based or use ad hoc solutions for persisting data...To overcome these limitations, researchers work on database-centered architectures for storing and manipulating ontological data. Such solutions will take advantage of existing standards for data management and the DBMS features that have been optimized over the years (robustness, concurrency control, recovery, and scalability). There is also much activity in the application domain. Two prominent applications that come to mind are the efforts involved in semantic Web services for capability-based discovery and composition of business processes, and the use of semantics with social networks for better collaboration."

Apart from the previous releases (IBM Integrated Ontology Development Toolkit and Ontology Management System (SNOBASE)) there's the more recent Ontology-based Web Services for Business Integration. Only for Windows (screenshots).
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