Friday, January 03, 2003

Dynamic Class Loader Using OWL

Mindswap's OWL Class Loader allows you to load and persist Java classes to RDF and is used in RIC. "So now to "compile" the Agenda-RIC program from the RIC code, all I need to do is put the correct OWL in the config file and make sure that its marked active. No recompiling is needed. Modules can be upgraded without changing code, just tell the program what the new module is to load, and voila, the program uses the new and improved part, rather than the old one you replaced.". By itself, I'm not sure it has much advantage over storing everything in XML (as in JSX, JAXB, Castor or KOML). However, as part of a larger system I can see how the configuration and autodeployment might be interesting. Your configuration files could depend upon version, security or any other piece of metadata you could query.

The next step is to actually have the actual functionality described in RDF which is close to what I've seen with Adenine (which is more like Lisp but uses Java objects) and is part of the Haystack project that I've covered before.
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