Tuesday, January 28, 2003

Software Archive

"Although a number of people online are (unofficially) archiving console software and game ROMs, nobody is making sure there are perfect digital copies and databases of the PC/Mac CD 'multimedia' boom and bust of the early and mid 90s. This is a _vital_ pre-broadband era where some of the first widely available ideas of 'virtual reality' and cinema-quality 3D graphics for the home were being explored (see 'Myst'!).

Although the Internet has now superceded a lot of the multimedia ideals the Macromedia collection stands for, that's precisely WHY the collection is important - as a document of what the era stands for. As an added impulse, the collection is stored on decayable CD media, and it's not strictly clear how long it will be until these discs will lose their reflective surfaces and become unplayable (some people claim 10 to 25 years!) "

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