Tuesday, January 21, 2003

Joseki 1.0 Released

Joseki is an API to enable Jena models to be accessed over the web using POST and GET. I like this way of doing things. Although, it might not be so good for large queries. You could add a page and page size values (requiring the server to keep state). They've taken the odd step of using JDK 1.4 for logging but not for regular expressions. Even the ORO group are considering using parts of JDK 1.4 (CharSequence) to get better performance.


Andy replies "Jena itself runs with Java 1.3 (and Java 1.2, I think - we don't test that during the release cycle) so we include the ORO regular expression package (actually used in the query filters for RDQL).

It's the Joseki server that uses Java 1.4 logging. Too many logging points were arising; there is web server logging, Joseki logging, logging by any query language plugins, ..., so I decided to use Java 1.4.

I also realise that not everyone wants to or is able to move to Java 1.4 just yet. If this comes a problem for anyone I'll fix it." Where's that email and web integrator when you need it.
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